2018 Legislative Update

Several bills related to tax reform and nonprofits.  Some of them protected 501(c)(3) nonprofits, while others bills proposed taxing nonprofits gross receipts over $100,000.

"Nonprofits are Not Loopholes"

Preparing for 2019 session

Although there was disagreement about tax reform measures, many legislatures are saying that tax reform is needed.  Nonprofits can expect that this will be a major topic for the Revenue Stabilization and Tax Policy Committee during the interim.  Your participation in the financial outlook survey will contribute to the creation of a data report to help legislators understand the impact of their proposed tax reform measures.

what nonprofits need to know about the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Nonprofit employers will need to have their employees fill out new W-4s by February 28, 2018 and modify deductions according.

Resources on how the new federal tax law impacts charitable nonprofits