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Values, Vision, and Mission


  • Adaptive and nimble: Understanding that the future is "cascading change," the organization is constantly evolving, we recognize that our future is shaped by the actions we take today.
  • Respectful: Active listening, appreciating diversity and recognizing different forms of expertise and skills.
  • Collaborative: Transparency through sharing information and ideas to accelerate learning and improve outcomes.
  • Learning culture: Encouraging innovation and measured risk-taking.  Mistakes are seen as part of the learning process.  The organization is constantly evolving.
  • Performance based and results focused: reaching beyond the status quo to achieve the goal of a vibrant thriving New Mexico.
  • Empowerment: Assisting people, staff and clients, to solve their own problems, and build their capacity whenever possible.  Entrust employees to be innovative and solutions-oriented to create meaningful results.
  • Accountability and integrity: Having the courage to take responsibility for the successes and failures of your team.  The emphasis is on performance over personality.  Honesty and ethical behavior are expected.  How results are accomplished is as important as the result.


A vibrant thriving New Mexico, with people empowered to achieve their greatest potential.  Healthy and effective nonprofits serving communities through direct services and policy advocacy.

Mission Statement

New Mexico Thrives advocates for the New Mexico nonprofits sector as a whole and works to promote, strengthen and connect individual organizations.