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Nonprofits and the 2019 Legislative Session

How your organization can Engage with the 2019 session

With 4,000 bills anticipated this session, there's sure to be something for everyone. To find bills that might pertain to the work of your organization, you can search the legislative website by keyword or subject.

See below for bills to watch.

If you want to support or oppose a bill, you can attend the committee meetings where the bill will be heard, and speak to the committee. You can also contact your Representative and/or Senator to leave a message with their staff. By clicking on the link for the bill, you can track its progress.

If you are interested in following the proceedings remotely, you can go to the legislative website and click on the Webcast tab. Committee meetings and floor sessions are live-streamed and recorded.

bills to watch

Behavioral Health

  • HB 43: Behavioral Health Interventions

  • SB 64: Behavioral Health Investment Zones

  • SB 128: Local Gov’t Behavioral Health Clinic Funding

2020 Census

  • HM 6: Risk for Undercount in 2020 Census

  • SM 11: New Mexico 2020 Census

Early Childhood

  • SB 22: Early Childhood Education & Care Dept.



  • HB 55: Agreement to Elect President by Popular Vote

  • HB 57: Restore Felon Voting Rights

  • HB 84: Auto Voter Registration at MVD & Elsewhere

  • HB 86: Election Day & Early Voting Registration

  • HB 93: Primary Election Participation by DTS Voters

  • SB 50: State Agency Automatic Voter Registration

  • SB 52: Register to Vote Three Days Prior to Election


  • HB 206: Environmental Review Act

Health Care

  • HB 51: Decriminalize Abortion

  • HB 89: Health Coverage for Contraception


  • SB 20: Sexual Designation on Vital Records

  • SB 159: Prohibit Certain Legal Defenses

Minimum Wage

  • HB31: Phased-in Minimum Wage Increase

  • HB46: Increase Minimum Wage


  • SB 11: Gross Receipts for Nonprofit Organizations

2019 legislative session daTES

January 15: The session begins at noon
February 14: Last day to submit a bill or memorial
March 16: The session ends at noon

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