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Nonprofits and the 2019 Legislative Session

Nonprofits drafted, promoted and advocated for many bills this session. Nonprofits worked to promote bills that would support their missions and worked to defeat bills that would hurt their missions. Nonprofit staff were present at committee meetings, speaking in favor of or against bills and amendments. There were visits, phone calls and emails to legislators. There were twitter storms. Nonprofit advocates co-ordinated efforts. The result was forward movement on a number of issues that will benefit our communities.


Behavioral Health

  • HB 43: Behavioral Health Interventions. Passed.

  • SB 64: Behavioral Health Investment Zones. Defeated.

  • SB 128: Local Gov’t Behavioral Health Clinic Funding. Passed.

  • SB 152: Mental Health Consent to Treatment

  • SB 240: Mobile Rural Health Service for Substance Use

  • SB 250: Rural Wrap Around Services Act

2020 Census

  • HB 2: General Appropriation Act of 2019. Passed. HB 2 containes $3.5 million for the 2020 Census.

  • HM 6: Risk for Undercount in 2020 Census

  • SM 11: New Mexico 2020 Census

Early Childhood

  • HJR 1: Permanent Funds for Early Childhood, CA. Defeated.

  • HB 171: Raising Minimum Teacher Salaries

  • HB 173: Child & Family Databank Act

  • HB 197: Early Childhood Shared Service Integration

  • SB 22: Early Childhood Education & Care Dept. Passed and Signed. The bill will consolidate early childhood programs under a new department.

  • SB 202: Child & Family Databank Act

  • SB 298: Public Pre-Kindergarten Act

  • SB 351: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • SB 484: Kinship Caregiver Maintenance Payments


  • HB 275: College of Education Affordability. Passed.


  • HB 55: Agreement to Elect President by Popular Vote. Passed. The bill enters New Mexico into a compact with other states that will allow New Mexico’s electoral votes to go to the presidential candidate who wins the majority of the national popular vote.

  • HB 57: Restore Felon Voting Rights

  • HB 84: Auto Voter Registration at MVD & Elsewhere

  • HB 86: Election Day & Early Voting Registration

  • HB 93: Primary Election Participation by DTS Voters

  • SB 50: State Agency Automatic Voter Registration

  • SB 52: Register to Vote Three Days Prior to Election

  • SB 672: Automatic AND Same-Day Voter Registration. Passed. The bill puts voter registration options into statute and changes the current voter registration deadline to be up until, and on the same day as, Election Day at most voting registration sites and polling locations around the state.


  • HB 206: Environmental Review Act

  • SB 462: Create Outdoor Recreation Division. Passed. The new division will focus on promoting outdoor recreation opportunities, and establishes an outdoor equity grant fund to create recreation programs for youth.

  • SB 489: Energy Transition Act. Passed and Signed. The bill sets a goal of having 100% of the state’s electricity carbon-free by 2045.

Ethics Commission

  • SB 668: State Ethics Commission Act. Passed. The bill will create an Ethics Commission for New Mexico.

Health Care

  • HB 51: Decriminalize Abortion. Defeated.

  • HB 89: Health Coverage for Contraception. Passed.

  • HB 308: Dental Therapists. Passed. The bill allows dental therapists to practice in New Mexico, which will expand access to dental care.


  • SB 20: Sexual Designation on Vital Records. Passed. The legislation will modernize the state's process for the correction of sex designation on birth certificates.

  • SB 227: Non-Discrimination Equality Act. Passed. The legislation will make good on promises of equal protection under the Human Rights Act by closing a loophole that allowed small businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

  • SB 288: Safe Schools for All Students Act. Passed. This legislation replaces current school code to include sexual orientation and gender identity protection, improved reporting procedures, and use of specific, uniform definitions related to these changes. 

Minimum Wage

  • SB 437: Raise Minimum Wage. The bill passed after amendments and going to Conference Committee.


  • HB 6: Tax Changes. The Senate Corporations and Transportation Committee passed significant amendments to the version that the House passed. HB6 then went back to the House floor, where they refused to concur with the Senate amendments. The bill then went to Conference Committee. HB6 passed the House floor, and with twenty minutes to spare, passed the Senate floor. Two measure that will benefit families:

    • Working Families Tax Credit increase to 17%

    • A change to state taxes to address the loss of dependent claims in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

2019 legislative session daTES

January 15: The session begins at noon
February 14: Last day to submit a bill or memorial
March 16: The session ends at noon
April 5: Legislation not acted upon by the Governor is pocket vetoed

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