Nonprofits and the 2017 NM Legislative Session

With a state deficit of approximately $69 million, nonprofits need to pay attention to what’s going on during this legislative session which began January 17, 2017. 

Legislators have already been talking about funding cuts and tax increases.

As a nonprofit, you need to speak out to protect the communities you serve.  Know your rights: advocacy is allowed.  You’re probably already doing some, think of advocacy as education.  You can and should be educating the community, your donors, and your legislators about the importance of your work.

IRS rules apply to lobbying, not advocating.  Lobbying is when you try to influence decision makers.  Nonprofits are allowed to lobby, but you need to track and report lobbying expenditures.  See the IRS website for more information.

With respect to the 2017 session, pay attention to what is being proposed and let your representative know what affect it will have.

Follow the activities of the Appropriations & Finance Committee and the House Taxation & Revenue Committee to see what is being discussed.

You can sign up for legislation tracking service with My Roundhouse.

Do you know who your representative is, or your senator?  Go to the NM Legislature website and check Find My Legislator.

For opportunities to visit the Roundhouse, check the 2017 Legislative Social Calendar.  Come prepared with one page information sheets about your organization.