Are you wondering, why a state association?

From my position with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico, I could see the great work being done by some nonprofits.  I was also seeing the statistics about New Mexico as the poorest state in the US, and the worst place to raise a child.  How could it be that so much could work was being done and yet, the issues were persisting?  Why weren’t we making progress and more importantly, how can we work differently together?

Multiple conversations and research led to the following conclusions:

  • We have been trying to change outcomes without changing attitudes (whether you believe you can, or believe you can't, you're right)
  • Too often, nonprofits work in silos focused on delivering services and surviving, unaware of other efforts or available resources
  • Nonprofits can do better at aligning efforts and working across sectors, but they will need support

With just over two million people in New Mexico, it’s possible to work together.  The state nonprofit association is intended as a vehicle for driving big, positive change.

What about the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, Santa Fe Community Foundation, SHARE New Mexico, NonProfit Back Office Resources, MediaDesk, SINC, and the Nonprofit Resource Group?  In the absence of a state association, several organizations have arisen to address some of the needs of nonprofits.  Even if you combined all that these organizations do, they don’t provide all the services and benefits that state associations typically do.  In the spirit of collaboration, we will work together, building on each other’s strengths and addressing the gaps.

by Tsiporah Nephesh