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Adelante Development Center

Adelante is celebrating 40 years of helping people with disabilities achieve their goals


Albuquerque GED

Raymund left school after the 8th grade.  At 26, the father of four, wanted "a career, not a job."  His goal was to become a plumber.  Albuquerque GED used their individual approach to learning to help Raymund get his GED.  He's now enrolled in CNM, on his way to realizing his goal and improving the prospects for his family.

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All Faiths

All Faiths is New Mexico's premier behavioral health provider working with abused and neglected children and their families. We also run the state's largest forensic interview program, the Children's Safehouse, which conducts 1200+ interviews a year. Over 90% of our clients live below the federal poverty level and are struggling to overcome stress factors stemming from a combination of domestic violence, hunger, homelessness and substance abuse, just to name a few.
Through state-of-the art and innovative programs we ensure that children heal and that the next generation is not plagued by trauma so that individuals and families can thrive.

Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation

In spring of 2016 we had a new rider join CTHF's Adaptive Hand cycling team. Mom expressed concerns that her son (11 at the time) was out-of-shape, and did not have many friends. The child and his family quickly became regular riders with the team and in summer of 2016 he attended CTHF's adaptive summer camp, "Camp Adventure." I saw mom and her son at CTHF's 2016 Festival of Trees in December. Mom expressed that her son is in much better shape and rides his hand cycle in their neighborhood almost everyday. More importantly, she said that he has made so many friends through CTHF's program and that his overall attitude and self-confidence have increased since his contact with CTHF.

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Center of Southwest Culture

The Center of Southwest Culture helps develop healthy Indigenous and Latino communities through economic development initiatives and educational and cultural work.

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Common Cause New Mexico

Common Cause New Mexico works to create open, honest, and accountable government that serves the public interest; promote equal rights, opportunity, and representation for all; and to empower all people to make their voices heard as equals in the political process.  In 2016, Common Cause New Mexico recruited a record 130 nonpartisan, volunteer poll watchers.

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Covenant Pathways

Covenant Pathways works to infuse Native Ways into the world.  They are doing this is by healing the land through composting, soil building, organic gardening and teaching others about stewardship of resources.



Family Independence Initiative

One of the people participating in the Family Independence Initiative had a goal of buying a house.  FII group members provided advice and support helping Sasha to improve her credit score and save toward her goal.  In one year, Sasha saved $1,000, raised her credit score 30 points, and got approved for a home loan. She was able to secure the FII match funds for the down payment.

Global Ties ABQ

Global Ties ABQ contributes to world peace by creating global connections among the people of New Mexico and emerging leaders from around the world.

Global Ties ABQ administers a US State Department Program, the International Visitor Leadership Program, that has an alumni of 300+ current or former Heads of States from all around the world. Global emerging leaders come here to meet their peers and exchange ideas and best practices with each other.

The Grants Collective

The Grants Collective exists to close the philanthropic divide between New Mexico and higher-resourced states by increasing national and federal investments in the state.

The City of Albuquerque Economic Development Action Council is the first municipal department of its kind nationally to acknowledge the philanthropic divide by investing in The Grants Collective as an economic development strategy.  The partnership with the Economic Development Department has led to the creation of two program arms of the Collective, the Talent Academy and the Cooperative Network.

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Houses with Hope

Since 2010, Houses with Hope has helped build over 1,000 homes for widows, orphans, and displaced families in Kenya. In addition they have funded 9 water projects, awarded 120 school scholarships annually to disadvantaged children, established a community center in the Nairobi Korogocho slums, provided vocational training, orphan assistance, medical care, technical aid, and agricultural assistance. This partnership has also sponsored over 1,000 U.S. volunteers to Kenya, the majority of whom are from the state of New Mexico, where their Albuquerque and Farmington offices are located.

MATCH New Mexico

MATCH New Mexico links college students to mentor with 3rd graders to improve reading and life skills.  The program is modeled after PERACH, a global initiative started in 1974 at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel that has been adapted in twenty-five countries around the globe.

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National Center for Frontier Communities

The National Center for Frontier Communities is the national advocacy voice for frontier communities across the country.

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New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty

New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty has made significant contributions to the well being of New Mexicans.  They've worked to improve the administration of SNAP benefits; to expand Medicaid eligibility in New Mexico, and to get farm workers covered by Workers' Compensation.

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New Mexico Social Justice Institute

The New Mexico Social Justice Institute works to change systems that perpetuate environmental health disparities related to the impacts of institutional racism and multi-generational trauma.

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Pegasus Legal Services for Children

Pegasus Legal Services for Children has been recognized for their work defending the legal rights of children.  They received awards from the State Bar Association and the New Mexico Community Foundation.

Sanctuary at ABQ

Sanctuary at ABQ is committed to combating the food insecurity challenges in New Mexico.  They transformed on unused greenhouse at Washington Middle School into an operational Aquaponics Learning Laboratory.  The Aquaponics system is designed to produce up to 600 units of organic produce every 45-60 days, while teaching students about Aquaponics and integrate with current science and math curriculum.

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Senior Citizens’ Law Office

The Senior Citizens’ Law Office provides legal assistance, education and advocacy for older New Mexicans.


SINC works with over 30 social entrepreneurs building scalable and innovative nonprofit projects. In 2016, the Desert Forge Foundation, a project working with SINC since 2014 to help veterans learn to build and operate urban farms,  picked up funding from the City of Albuquerque, McCune Charitable Foundation, and the USDA to help more combat veterans learn the trade. Valley Community Interpreters graduated its first class of bilingual community members, who now have a way to make money doing medical interpreting at home, and the South Valley Economic Development Center rolled out its virtual incubation program to support dozens of local community business owners.


Southwest Women's Law Center

The Southwest Women's Law Center works to create the opportunity for women to realize their full economic and personal potential.

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Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico

TransGender Resource Center of New Mexico is currently the only state wide organization to provide support for transgender, gender non conforming, and non binary folks and their families in all aspects of life by providing peer support, emergency assistance, education, drop in facility, and many other programs that provide support.

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Decision Resources

Decision Resources provides a practical framework and essential skill-building to help organizations orient clearly, align with their values and principles to take wise action to reach their goals.

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Morrison Associates

Morrison Associates offer a heart-centered approach to program planning, development, and evaluation through the creation of a genuine relationship between the evaluation and the program; a deep understanding of the program's value and the need to document the value of the program; and a clear connection between the data being collected and the benefits to the program and community. The result? Programs and organizations transforming their services and clearly demonstrating their impact.

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Pivot Evaluation

Pivot works with program staff to develop evaluation processes that informs decision-makers.  The four core processes we evaluate for organizations are: program planning, accountability planning & reporting, process and outcome improvement, and data management.

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Strategies 360

Strategies 360 is committed to supporting the nonprofit sector in New Mexico. Through providing world-class communications, web, marketing, and design solutions, S360 is delighted to have the opportunity to work with so many outstanding organizations performing great work. Together, New Mexico Thrives.

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SUN - Simply Understanding Nature

SUN provides high quality resource development, support services, training, and materials that help individuals and organizations successfully meet personal and professional challenges to better fulfill their mission and reach beyond perceived limitations.

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The Thames Group

The Thames Group is dedicated to helping nonprofits with business plans,  contract negotiations, process re-engineering, internal audit plan design, and review of the entire revenue cycle.  The Thames Group focuses on sustainable results.


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