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2020 Census

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Why the census matters

The federal funding that comes to New Mexico for federal aid programs is calculated based on the information gathered in the census.  Federal aid programs include Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, Head Start, and many more.

New Mexico is considered one of the most difficult states to count.  We are always under counted, which means we are also underfunded. For every 1% undercount, New Mexico loses an estimated $78 million per year for ten years.

When federal aid programs are underfunded, people turn to nonprofits to meet their needs.  Fully funded public systems like our schools, hospitals, and roads, are vital to New Mexico’s well being.

the supreme court ruling on the citizenship question

The Supreme Court ruled that the justification provided by Commerce Secretary Ross for including the citizenship question in the census was not sufficient. The ruling did not say that the citizenship question could not be added, but that the justification presented was not sufficient.

See Tim Delaney’s explanation about the potential impact on dollars, data, and democracy in his article in Nonprofit Quarterly, What the US Supreme Court Citizenship Case Means for Nonprofits.

The Continuing Confusion About the Citizenship Question

After the Supreme Court ruling on June 27, the Commerce Department announced on July 2, that the census forms were being printed without the citizenship question. On July 3, the President announced that the administration was going to pursue other ways to include the citizenship question. On July 5, in Maryland, U.S. District Judge George Hazel ordered proceedings to move forward. In the meantime, printing the census forms continues.